Pleasure to Meet You

Pleasure to Meet You

I'm Maggie Winterfeldt Clark, a Boston-bred, Southern-educated lifestyle writer and editor. I'm also a wife and mom. I met my husband, Chris, senior year at Vanderbilt; it was homecoming, he was wearing a New England Patriots hat. The rest is history. We now reside in San Francisco, California with our Cavapoo pup Izzie and two sons, 3-year-old Dashiell and 4-month-old Beau.

For the past several years, I've had a dreamy job working as the Home & Garden Editor at POPSUGAR; however, after Beau's birth, the timing felt right to step away and focus more on my kiddos and a few exciting parttime opportunities, including contributing to the San Francisco Chronicle's Style Section, and blogging.

What else...

I love to read thrillers, hunt for hidden gems at estate sales, work out (I'm obsessed with the Lagree Fitness Method), and binge watch The Real Housewives. I'm an avid fan of the San Francisco Ballet. Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief is my fashion spirit animal (hail, Edith Head) – however, in high school, I wanted to be Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush (nevermind that I lived in landlocked suburban New England and had never stepped foot on a surf board).

Read about why I started this blog here and feel free to reach out to me at